How SWU UFC Betting Classes Work

  • Have you ever wondered how UFC betting works?

    Check out our free UFC betting tips Class 1 to get started. This is the perfect UFC betting "how to course" for beginners looking for UFC betting help. This class focuses on helping bettors understand reading UFC odds and implied probability. Every class includes a video lecture and UFC betting guide.

  • How do people make money betting on the UFC?

    Kiev has spent countless hours researching and winning money betting on the UFC. His advanced course contains three classes focused on UFC betting strategies and systems for moneylines, props, and totals.

  • Can you make money betting on the UFC?

    The UFC is a newer sport, which means the oddsmakers have less historical data. It also doesn’t attract as much attention from the betting community. This means easier lines to win against. There are no promises of profit when betting sports. It requires research and organization. The reward of winning money while watching a sporting event drives bettors to do what they do. With Kiev’s UFC courses you will save yourself tons of time and walk away with an organized researching process and resources.

  • Is UFC betting profitable?

    Kiev O’Neill has a 45% lifetime UFC record on all plays leading to a 9.5% ROI! For every hundred dollars bet he is making 9.5% in profit. Kiev has been betting on the UFC for ten years. You might wonder how a 45% record is returning these kinds of profits. Well that is because Kiev is able to win betting on huge underdog props like submissions at +900. Everyone can learn from one of the best UFC betting experts whether you are just getting started betting UFC or are experienced. Sign up today to access Kiev’s UFC betting advice!


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